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Re: What Recommendations for Ebay Users

Thank you Chuck and Jeff for you reply and concern.

If I had been on a weekender or a vacation there could have been quite a number of frauds committed. Since I was able to discover it immediately I took the necessary steps to correct the situation.

First, I went to MSN my email carrier and changed my password. Next I was able to access eBay HELP on thier website since I couldn't talk to a live person, as eBay has promised for their Power Sellers. Through the Help Section I followed the instruction for "account taken over" to change my password. It was during this portion when I was trying to complete changing my password that my computer completely locked up. It would not do anything so I manually turned it off. After waiting serveral minutes I turned it back on. Of course the computer starting checking disk for errors. The computer then informed me that it had discovered an unauthorized program and was deleting it. After the computer restarted itself I was able to change my eBay password and gain access to my account. I then cancelled the Rolex Auctions the fraudster had listed.

My computer has the XP Edition. Microsoft has patched this program on line many times, some taking as long as 12 hours. Anyway the computer did purge itself of this illegal program.

My advise is not to answer any unsolicited emails offering items for sale. I have also received numerous email from individual declining to purchase item from me that I have not offered to them. I always answer stating that I don't have a clue what they are talking about. I am not sure how they sent a program and infected my computer to gain passwords and try to prevent me from changing my password. This is a mystery to me. I have received numerous spoofs from fraulent eBay and PayPal emails requesting my password. I always forward these to eBay and PayPal along with the email headers. I have even received one trying to obtain my MSN password. Of course I have always reported them and deleted these emails.

I had a very nice gentlemen from France who was approached by the crooks trying to sell him the Rolex. After my email address was restored he contacted me to see what was taking place. I informed him of my situation and that it was a fraudulent sale. I ask if he would be willing to play along with them and see if he could discover there name and address. The crooks wanted him to wire money but he refused stating he would send a Western Union Money Order. The crooks finally emailed him their name and address. The name and address were from Romania. If anyone listen to the news and reads information of thier carriers website this is where most all the attack to computers come from as well as the email frauds. I personally have received numerous emails from Romania offering to sell high priced Heuers.

I have emailed this information to eBay Customer Service, but it is very doubtful that they will or can do anything. If anyone wishes the name of this crook I will gladly email it to you, or if Jeff doesn't object I will post it to the Forum. The gentlemen from France was helpful and extremely nice. There are still good guys in France.

Best to all, Charles

: Charles: Thanks for the message. It sounds as
: though you regained control of your account,
: without too much financial damage being
: done. I am sure that this was not the way
: you wanted to spend your free time / hobby
: time, but at least you seem to have
: prevailed in the end.

: So what is the advice for ebay participants to
: protect their accounts (putting aside the
: question of how not to get "taken"
: by people offering items they don't own
: under IDs they have stolen)?? From your
: message, the steps would seem to be to (1)
: never give out / confirm your ebay password
: and (2) change your ebay password regularly.

: Can you or our other readers suggest other
: steps for the average ebay user??

: Thanks,

: Jeff

: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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