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Wow, now he's insulting onthedash too! Read this!

This guy just refuses to admit any misinformation on his end! He refuses to discuss the case discrepency focusing soley on the dial which, very well may be authentic. However, we all know the case is not native to this dial. To add insult to injury, now he is disparaging onthedash. Here is what he said in his latest response to me:

"I am actually already fully aware of and know it to be containing inaccurate information. Unfortunately you can't take everything you see on the internet as fact. I have physically inspected the dial with a microscope and found no evidence of tampering or refinishing. The Autavia stamp as well as the Heuer stamp are both original to the dial without a doubt. The only possible way this could be not original would be if the Autavia dial were matched with a genuine vintage Heuer case and movement and it just so happened to precisely fit with perfection and match the rotating bezel. This I find to be highly improbable and I fail to see the purpose of such an endeavor. I have presented you with nothing but facts so please refrain from personal attacks or insults in your future correspondence. Thank you. "

I guess he didn't like my mention of his possible need to visit an optometrist were he not able to see the case discrepency between his watch and any real variant of the Autavia case. Am I wrong here guys (and gals) regarding his unusual "Autavia" case? Below is my response to his previous correspondence:

"You continue to avoid the question of the case issue in your correspondences. Why is that? The case discrepency is the defining characteristic that says your watch is a fake Autavia. Plain and simple. No Autavia EVER had that style case. I am not insulting you, I am merely pointing out the real facts. It is very possible that your dial did come from an Autavia (it indeed looks authentic) but it was never native to the case it is now contained in. We call that a re-casing. Yet you still insist on ignoring this erroneous case issue. Shame on you! is the foremost authority on vintage Heuers so to insult Jeff Stein's website as containing inaccurate information is merely a weak attempt by you to imply your "facts" are more accurate. They are not. has a close relationship with Tag Heuer as well as many, many other Heuer experts including the former head of US service for Heuer/Tag Heuer who is THE U.S. authority on vintage Heuers from the 1950's to 1980's. Jeff has authored articles on Heuer published in IW Magazine and, several posters on this site have also written articles published by other watch magazines throughout the world. They are renowned as the experts when it comes to vintage Heuers and all are Heuer collectors too who are intimately familiar with the variants of all Heuer models. Until you re-examine the case your "Autavia" is cased in, you have absolutely no credibility regarding your attacks on those who disagree with you. I stand by my earlier remarks, sorry! If you can not see the difference in case styles between authentic Autavia's and, your example, then you are living in an imaginary world. I can't believe you don't see the obvious difference and the fact you pointed me to two websites that corroborate what I am trying to point out is pretty incredulous to me!"

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