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This name sounds familiar.

I think I've heard stories of this guy before and they were not pretty, I hope the police do get him.

He's extremely ignorant to think you're threatening him when he's the one has done wrong and he has your money and hasn't given you the watches.

: I am not going to waste too much time writing this, but I am going
: to post this on leading watch forums to potentially warn another
: victim that may fall prey again to this audacious crook.
: If you have more information about this crook, other than the
: information below, please write to me at reficul_x AT
: I am not going to make his life easy.

: This guy, unlike many crooks, has a rather convincing and unique
: modus operandi:

: 1) He do have the watches on hand to con his victims, hence he is
: able to prove the watch ownership with tag photos, etc
: 2) He has a few successful transactions, hence, he was able to give
: a good trade reference
: 3) In some of the successful trade cases, he even provided his
: passport as a proof of ID, but the stupid thing is, he probably
: underestimate the power of our watch community
: 4) He garners enough followers and post "unsuspecting"
: watches to sell on IG (not those high value watches, but range
: from Euros 100-5000)
: 5) I believe he has been using many different accounts and
: personas, and he has multiple bank accounts worldwide (some even
: private banks, which is astonishing that for a crook, he
: probably made enough to make himself a multimillionaire?)

: Here is the long & short of my experience, which, may be
: familiar to some fellow victims, (I am probably the 6th or 7th
: in his latest crime spree):

: 1) Saw a SM300 on his IG being advertised. (Euros 3900)
: 2) Sent him a DM, but was told that it was sold. (very smooth, that
: was how I was led to believe he has the watch and every
: intention to sell it)
: 3) Hours later, he DM me stating watch is available again as the
: "buyer" gave him a low ball offer. (Euros 3500)
: 4) Convinced me to buy another Longines solid gold nonius and agree
: to bundle them at an additional of Euros 1900
: 5) Gave me 4 trade references and I checked all 4, all 4 were good
: 6) I deliberately asked for straps if they are included, to which
: he said the SM300 head only, and he showed me photos of the NOS
: longines strap on the gold nonius. (this is really smooth as
: usually for crooks, to expedite everything, they will tell you
: whatever you want, they will give you, like straps, etc)
: 7) Wired him the funds on Thursday and he said he will ship the
: following Monday.

: 8) On Saturday, I wanted to see the photos of the watch again on
: IG. Realised that he closed his IG Account
: 9) Realised something is amissed... later, my good buddy, Kevin
: posted his experience with this crook (slightly different modus
: operandi)
: 10) I obtained his private mobile phone number and I whatsapp'ed
: him, to which he blocked me. I texted him and he asked me to
: relax as he was on vacation. He even asked me to send me my bank
: account number where he can wire me now and when I received the
: watch, I pay him again
: 11) I send my bank details, and he replied with a stupid screenshot
: of his online banking, from Australia (details below) that EUROS
: 5800 is sent... and immediately I saw that the account balance
: was only a freaking AUD 56.54.
: 12) Emailed him and told him that I will be reporting him to the
: police and take actions if he doesn't come clean... In turn, he
: say he will "denounce" me and will seek his lawyer to
: take actions against me.
: 13) More and more friends started to share information about him
: with his details, which even includes his passport, his personal
: ID in Italy, tax ID, residence address, etc. He said he is going
: to the police to report me as I threatened him (I merely said I
: will be going to pay 2 Italians some money to hunt for him).
: 14) Parcel came and as expected, I know its going to be an empty
: box... the weight is blantantly totally empty. I took it to the
: police station to report this and opened it in front of a video
: camera so that he cannot dispute this saying that I pocket the
: watch. The seals were all intact as shown in the video below:

: 15) Police report lodged and they will be sending this information
: to the Interpol.
: 16) Ferruccio started to ignore my SMS'es and in turn he asked his
: lawyer, Antonnio (+39 3333816733, )
: to communicate with me
: 17) In essence, he asked me to send him details when I received the
: parcel, but after a few rounds of emails, nothing substantial
: came up. He only asked me not to threaten his client
: 18) Likely I will be taking next step of actions.... and this will
: not be the end of this story.

: Here is the crook's information:

: First Name: Ferruccio
: Last Name: Marchetti
: DOB: 23 November 1978
: Italian ID: AR6055706
: Fiscal ID: MRCFRC78S23H501R
: Official residence: Via Bertolini 49, Rome
: Current residence: Via Dei Pescatori20, Ortello
: Phone number: +39 3338246598

: Images of his passport and his threatening of police report against
: me as follows:

: And the police report that I have made:

: This Ferruccio crook is probably not going to be the last of his
: kind to pose a danger to our community. Stay safe and, Ferruccio
: Marchetti, if you are reading this... return my money, and case
: close for me. IF not... I will be presenting these with the
: police report to the immigration and customs, starting with
: Singapore, China, Hong Kong.... and this is going to be just my
: 1 next step of action.

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Ferruccio Marchetti - Italian audacious watch CROOK
This name sounds familiar.
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