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Re:FS: Universal Geneve Lip Polerouter Electric new price

I read the guidelines for posting on the Trading Forum and if I mistakenly post an item which does not fall within the guidelines, I will accept
a gentle reminder and will not commit the same offense again. There are plenty of places to post a Rolex Datejust for sale. Believe me I have quite a few
I want to sell. However the guidelines state watches with depth rating OVER 100m and Datejust is not there.
I think it would be much easier to peruse the Trading Forum if there were less unnecessary posts.
For one watches that do not belong based on the guidelines, secondly I think that the same item should not be posted more than once in say 2 weeks.
If I look for a bracelet or a strap for my watch I can utilize the search function. I can do the same looking for a specific watch.
So why trying to outdo one another with constant posts of the same thing??
I would simply want to see the Trading Forum less cluttered. On another note, I do not like to see replies to For Sale posts, except when the post represents breaking rules or there is a serious suspicion that it may be FRAUD. Finally, when you agree to buy a watch and ask for bank details to transfer funds, be a man and honor the deal.

All in all I see this as a great forum which treats all posters equally and represents much knowledge.

: As far as your latest question, has someone commented on something
: you've posted, or is it a general concern of not being
: critiqued? Just curious...
: From my experience, people genuinely like preserved items, NOS or
: near mint, well priced & rare quality... Something worth
: keeping in the community.
: The "community" works if there is a gain & it's
: beneficial. It is a passion we share and hopefully a profit.
: Sedately we buy something overpriced if we've been losing sleep for
: or underpriced anxiously before somebody else does.
: At the end of the day if you are posting with no results, then you
: will eventually stop or reevaluate your price, description &
: pictures.
: And if you have successful transactions you might post more often
: regardless of the guidelines.

: Regarding the initial thread, it is great to have dialogue, what is
: permitted or even accepted in the guidelines is always a topic
: worth discussing.
: However, along the years Ive noticed spammy posts of the same
: accessories which frustrates me the most.
: Regardless, frequenting often & sifting through mass posts
: seems like the only glimmer of hope one might have to make a
: purchase or at least the illusion of it.
: At this point I don't mind seeing anything and sure the scammers
: are getting wiser but hopefully still one step behind most that
: still consider this a community.

: As far as you being hacked, I'm sorry you had to experience that
: but as Jeff pointed out anyone with two cents should be safe.
: If something is too good to be true then it should be from someone
: you can exhaust and if they aren't willing to compromise then it
: was a scam.
: On that notion I doubt anyone has been shunned for listing a
: datejust unless it was that grey market vibe.

: Cheers,
: M

: So types of items you can post here are timepieces with:
: chronograph or stopwatch functions
: tachymetre, diver's, sliderule or other types of time or math
: calculation bezels
: multi-time zone abilities
: COSC-certified QUARTZ movements, marine chronometers and other
: ultra-precision movements
: cases designed for water resistance of greater than 100 meters or
: highly magnetic environments
: chronographs or chronometers designed to mount in a moving vehicle,
: such as a car or boat

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