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ChronoTrader Sales Forum Policies

General policies, privacy statements and conditions of this site are covered in the Chronocentric Terms of Use and the OnTheDash Legal Notice.

ChronoTrader is a special-purpose timepiece sales form -- NOT ALL TYPES OF WATCHES CAN BE POSTED HERE. Be sure to read the details below on exactly what types of timepieces are permitted.

Standards for Listing Items For Sale

Permissible types of listings: For Sale, For Sale or Trade, Want to Buy, Want to Trade and Wishlists are all acceptable. Posts announcing WatchFairs, WatchClub meetings/get-togethers, etc. are also permissible.

What types of watches/timepieces can I post for sale here? ChronoTrader is a specialized sales forum exclusively for "tool" timepieces. Tool timepieces are those that are designed for use by enthusiasts and professionals to accomplish more than just telling the time and date. By form or function, they provide additional abilities such as:

  • measuring elapsed time (chronograph)
  • calculating speeds or quantities (tachymetre, telemetre, pulsmetre, slide-rule...)
  • calculating remaining time (diver's bezel)
  • referencing multiple timezones (GMT hand or time zone bezel)
  • ultra-precision timing
  • usable in extreme environments, such as deep underwater, in highly magnetic areas, mounted to a moving vehicle or for timing sports events

So types of items you can post here are timepieces with:

  • chronograph or stopwatch functions
  • tachymetre, diver's, sliderule or other types of time or math calculation bezels
  • multi-time zone abilities
  • COSC-certified QUARTZ movements, marine chronometers and other ultra-precision movements
  • cases designed for water resistance of greater than 100 meters or highly magnetic environments
  • chronographs or chronometers designed to mount in a moving vehicle, such as a car or boat
If in doubt, contact the moderator BEFORE posting your item.

Content requirements: Full item description and any photos must be posted within the message.Photos must be of the actual item for sale in it present condition. All ads must be for specific, individual items -- not blanket ads for sellers of many products. Listings may be for multiple items... If you wish to list 1 watch or 10 within one post, thatís fine, do what works best for you.

Links to online auctions and other sites: Links to online auctions, dealer sites or other listings of items are permitted, but you should be careful to ensure that such listings will comply with our other ChronoTrader Policies. In addition, we request that sellers linking to online auctions or listings should be willing to offer some benefit or accomodation to ChronoTrader readers (examples might include some discount or free shipping, or an undertaking to end an auction early to sell to one of our readers). Persons other than sellers may post "Found" and other "pointer" messages, so long as they have no financial interest in the sale transaction. Please keep in mind that this is a "community"; when you are selling a watch and say that you want to "keep it in the family", it would be appropriate to support this statement with some good faith effort to sell the watch to one of our readers.

Subject line requirements: Please state in Subject the type of post (FS, FSOT, WTB, WTT, WishList) and item(s) being listed ("Heuer Carrera", "5 Chronographs: Gallet, Hamilton, Tissot, Omega, Heuer", "Bracelets, Deployants & Straps", "Heuer Ephemera", etc.). Please donít waste peopleís time with vague Subject descriptions or they will learn to skip your listings all together!

Contact info and response requirements: All listings MUST include an email address to contact the seller. Buyers must contact sellers DIRECTLY via email or other methods described within the posting! Please do not clutter up the board with responses, "Check your e-Mail"-type messages or purchase negotiation posts.

Photos: Adding photos to your posting to show exactly what you are selling or what you are looking for is smart -- it makes your listing much clearer. See How To Include Photos In Your Postings for more details on how to do it.

Authenticity Requirements

Fakes, Replica and/or Counterfeit watches are banned from being listed, period. People who list them get one warning, second offense is a permanent ban from participation.


Postings from dealers are allowed here with only minor restrictions to prevent abuse. As a commercial dealer of watches, timepieces or related accessories, you are limited to three unique posts per day, with no post for the same item repeating within 7 days.

Private Individual Sellers

Private individuals selling items from their personal collection may post ads for each timepiece or accessory they are selling. There are no specific limits on the number of unique ads you may post (but very excessive posters will be considered dealers and then fall under the dealer restrictions listed above). You may not repeat an ad for the same item within 7 days unless it is to lower your asking price, offer better terms, etc..

Dealer rules also apply to any private individuals selling restockable products or multiples of the same accessory item.

Permissible Updates To Listings

If you create a password on the forum, you can later edit your postings for updates. Otherwise, you may add additional information to listing within 7 days of posting it by simply REPLYing to your original post.

Legal Issues

By using the service you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
  • ChronoTrader is run as a FREE service for the Web community. We cannot investigate the accuracy of the ads being placed, and therefore assume no responsibility or liability for any content posted here.
  • Be advised that the Internet is a "faceless" medium. Sellers may pretend to be people they are not. Some may have dishonest and/or deceitful intentions or may have inaccurate information. YOU should do your own research and make your own investigation before making ANY financial decision.
  • Buyers and sellers assume all risk and liability arising from their offer for sale or purchase of any item. ChronoTrader cannot guarantee that sellers will complete the sale of an item, or that buyers will go through with the purchase of an item; all risk is taken by the individual buyers and sellers. This includes but is not limited to risks associated with dealing with foreign nationals, underage persons, or persons acting under false pretense. Use appropriate common sense and precautions in any business dealings you make with people you meet and contact on the Internet.
  • ChronoTrader reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Inappropriate, pornographic and other "offensive" or rule-violating postings will be removed immediately upon it's discovery, though ChronoTrader cannot guarantee that we will notice or prevent any inappropriate use of the system.
  • Participants must be of legal age with the ability to enter into binding contracts.
  • The posting of illegal items, including all replica, fake or counterfeit goods, are expressly prohibited. ChronoTrader will terminate the auction of any such items upon sufficient suspicion of such items and the poster will be subject to suspension.

Linking to Other Sites

The purpose of this sales forum is for posting descriptions, photos and contact information on items you have for sale. It is not a place for you to be lazy and simply post links to refer people to other websites to view ads posted elsewhere, online auctions or other commercial websites. Postings that require the reader to follow a link to another site to see relevant information on the item(s) offered for sale are unacceptable and will be deleted.

Though on a posting that does meet our other requirements, a tastefully conservative signature line referring to your personal or business website is acceptable.

Off-Topic Content

This is a sales forum. No off-topic content is allowed. If you need to respond to a posting, do so by private email.

Unless otherwise discussed above, all other posts are prohibited, subject to deletion and the poster banned if it becomes repetitive. If you have questions contact the moderator.

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