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Heuer Forum Policies

As with any community, a few policies and guidelines need to be stated to avoid confusion, guide novice members of what is expected, and officially state what 99% of the world knows is correct and reasonable behavior for the education of the tiny percentage that seem to have forgotten their manners.

General Policies

General policies, privacy statements and conditions of this site are covered in the Chronocentric Terms of Use. The Heuer Forum is also covered by terms and policies in the OnTheDash Legal Notice.

For Sale, Want to Buy, etc. Type Posts

The OnTheDash discussion forum is for exchange of helpful information -- not for your use in selling things you have or for promoting specific sellers of things. No 'for sale,' 'want to buy,' advertisements or direct links to dealer sites are allowed in discussion forum messages. Links and references to ebay auctions are permitted for purposes of discussing the item being sold, but not if you are the seller of the item or a prospective bidder.

You should use the ChronoTrader Forum if you are selling or seeking to purchase items.

Personal Disputes and Grievances

As we described above, the OnTheDash discussion forum is for exchange of helpful information, primarily about watches. Though you may believe that it is useful to describe a problem with a seller, watchmaker or another collector, you may not use the forum to air a personal dispute or grievance, whether about a seller, buyer, watchmaker, customer or fellow collector. These "discussions" tend to get nasty in a hurry, and they are of little long-term interest to the community. By contrast, it is always nice to hear about the favorable experience with a dealer, watchmaker or fellow collector, so please feel free to share those stories. Yes, this Policy may not be "balanced", but experience has shown that it is best for the community.

Posting Direct Contact Information for a Person

Do not post personal or direct contact information for a third party without getting their permission first. We appreciate your helpfulness by trying to put a person in contact with an appropriate fellow enthusiast or expert. But once posted on the forum, it becomes publicly viewable by anyone, anytime. Not everyone wants their personal or home contact information given out like that. If in doubt, send the third-party's contact information in a private email -or- give the poster's contact information to the third party for them to choose to initiate contact.

Even someone in a business may want everyone on the planet knowing their direct email address. Often, businesses prefer to direct external communications though functional addresses, such as info@... or parts@..., rather than specifically to individual employees who may change roles or leave the company.

Linking to Other Sites

Here are some guidelines, they might be a little different from other forums you're familiar with. Overall, links to other sites are welcome when their scope is to provide information to other forum readers in a non-commercial environment.

  1. If what you are linking to is an informational post on the specific subject it will not be an issue.
  2. While posts to Manufacturer's (TAG-Heuer, etc.) are permissible, especially to specific pages for commentary, General links to dealers are discouraged at this time. If you wish to discuss a particular watch, cut and paste the picture and description...
  3. Links to noncommercial informative sites when useful to illustrate an example (an Omega example would be Eric So's Favorite Omega Site) will be allowed.
  4. Links to pages that list Web Dealers, E-Tailors, etc. will be allowed as long as those pages themselves are noncommercial. In other words Hobbyist Dealer Lists will be allowed just as Hobbyist Informational Sites (like Eric So's mentioned above) are. For some excellent links to sites that have even more excellent links, see the NETWORK/LINKS page on this site.
All other links off site will be decided on a case by case basis. We are not here to give anyone a hard time for doing something truly helpful or innocent. These rules are to stop people from abusing the forum for free advertising. The moderators here have been in the online watch discussion field for many years and have no trouble recognizing ads and shills, even those that try to veil themselves as innocent posts. If you have questions please contact the Chronocentric Forum coordinator at:, and we'll figure out how to handle it.

What about TAG and TAG-Heuer?

Polite and constructive discussions about any watch in the Heuer family tree are always welcome here! Though you will likely find the participants' knowledge mainly focused on the 1985 and earlier Heuers, so do not be surprised if no one here is able to help with specific questions on current or recent TAG models.

While opinions on TAG products vary, we believe most people will agree that the TAG portion of the Heuer family tree is noticably different from the earlier Heuer heritage. The recent and current TAG products are the product of newer ownership driven by different focus, product line objectives and target markets.

So it is understandable that there is both overlap and friction between the enthusiasts of the classic Heuer and the modern TAG products. There sometimes is a fine line between politely explaining why one prefers a specific model and quibbling, griping, slaming or otherwise disparaging portions of a product line or the family tree. It's nearly always best to try to err on the side of civility and politeness.

Off-Topic Content

We want to encourage a community environment. As such, this forum is open to a moderate level of related topic discussions. Don't be surprised if people tangent off onto a discussion about cars or drivers... The topic and history of Heuer's are so interwoven with motorsports history it's only natural it will happen.

However, nothing causes more disruption to a forum than discussions about Religion, Politics, or other contentious issues. There are plenty of other places to have those discussions. Let's keep our flame-wars to a minimum, seek out via a web search engine where on the web those other topics are being discussed and have a blast there!

Troll's and shills are not welcome.

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