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Q&A about Monday's Themed Scan Day...


I spoke with Jeff briefly this morning and he thought it would be good to discuss a little further our upcomming first theme Scan Day on Monday.

What is a Scan Day?

Back in the early days of Internet Watch Forums, long before most people had high-speed internet access, it was traditional for people to hold off posting pictures of their watches until one day of the week so people didn't accidentally click on a link and have to wait minutes while a picture downloaded. By doing this people could avoid having a miserable time if they had a low speed connection.

Even though many more people, perhaps even most, have higher speed access than they did 5 and 6 years ago, the practice survives and many sites have official scan days.

What is a themed Scan Day?

A themed Scan Day is one that is centered on a particular topic or theme. Instead of being a general scan day when any watch picture is fair game for posting, a theme scan day tries to focus attention on one specific thought.

Why is OTD bucking the trend with a Monday Scan Day?

We've never felt the best way to distinguish one's self from the competition out there was to sail in the same air. Plus, we (Jeff and I) plan on offering to help people who'd like to post but may be uncertain of the technical issues involved, and having Scan Day on Monday gives us a couple of days over the weekend to help others out.

Ok, I have a scan I'd like to post, but I am worried that some unscrupious seller will use it for their eBay Auction... What can I do.

I will be happy to add text to a corner (or superimpose over the image of the watch itself) your name text or email address, etc. if you'd like. If you'll email me the graphic, I'll modify it, email it back to you. Then you can upload the image. It's not difficult at all for me to do (within reason) but it's an involved process for Jeff to accomplish, so if you wish to have text tag's added, contact me.

Ok, I have my scans ready, but I have no idea how to get them so that I can point to them within a post. Help!!!

Just email the Scans to Jeff or myself and we will handle the hosting. We'll reply with a URL (web address) you can point to in your post...

Oh! What's the theme for this week?

"If you could only keep one Heuer/TAG-Heuer, which one would it be? And why?" There was some confusion if this was a Heuer/TAG-Heuer specific query or a general watch query. Since this is primarily a Heuer/TAG-Heuer forum, we'll stick with specify themes to begin with, although we may expand to include other brands later...

Is there any good or bad time to email you guys for assistance?

Well, Jeff lives in the US Eastern Time Zone (GMT - 5), I live in the US Central Time Zone (GMT - 6), so if you contact us in the middle of the night you might not get a speedy response. I also will likely never be available when the Chicago Bears (NFL) are playing! Other than that, feel free to start emailing us stuff to work on.

When does Scan Day officially start? Atlanta Monday or my time Monday?

Feel free to post after midnight Monday your time whereever that is (Asia, Europe, Australia, the America's etc.). You can even post your Scan Day contribution after you see someone else has. We're not going to be picky about this.

Other questions? Ask them! =)

I'm looking forward to Monday!

-- Chuck

Chuck Maddox

(Article index @

Non-Pasadena Pasadena Stainless 7750

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Q&A about Monday's Themed Scan Day...
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