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Best of Hodnkee Podcasts -- Big Ideas About Collecting

I have also listened to all the Hodinkee podcasts, and agree that the most interesting aspect of the conversations is the various approaches to / philosophies of collecting.

The podcast format is well suited for discussing the "big ideas" / less useful to discuss the details of specific watches -- design of the hash marks; size of the crown; etc. But it is fascinating to hear about the different approaches to collecting. For me, this is the best aspect of these podcasts!!

Also, when I recommended the four episodes, there were probably only around six episodes available . . . I believe that the episodes have continued with this high percentage of "winners" / enjoyable episodes.



: Jeff,

: I have to thank you (again) for turning me on to these Hodinkee
: podcasts. I think there were 4 of them when you told me they
: were worth listening to. I have since consumed them all. They
: are all worth a listen. I think my favorite might be Spike
: Feresten. Some of my favorites aren't really much about watches.
: This newest edition with Michael Weisberg is another favorite. I
: am not sure he is a guy with whom I could be great friends. He
: doesn't seem like a guy who likes to hang out much. I think the
: talk with Hodinkee might have been a bit of a strain for him
: That said, he is honest and genuine and very self aware. He
: doesn't seem to care if his honesty and his view might seem
: brutally honest to some. His outlook on collecting is
: interesting. I agree with most of it although his target market
: collector is much different from me. I don't agree that a
: collector can't look for bargains but I do agree that a
: collector should look for quality above all else. I really agree
: that a lot of collectors are just checking boxes instead of
: having an actual passion.

: I guess what is really interesting about the best of the Hodinkee
: podcasts is that they get me into how the minds of collecting
: types of people work. Weisberg is really more of a collector of
: information than of objects. To hear him talk this is especially
: when it comes to watches. He is passionate about watches. His
: mind is built to collect the stories and details which give him
: an intuition about what is right and wrong/good and bad about
: them. His mind is not built to desire or to want to possess
: them. I love it when he says that after touching and feeling and
: seeing a watch for a few days he sort of does possess it even
: after he sells it. On the continuum of collectors he is at one
: end of the spectrum with the hoarder on the other.

: Again, I am not sure I could be his friend, but I would love to see
: him work the Parma show and I would love to be invited to his
: house for a scotch and a tour and a bit of conversation.

: Best,

: JohnCote

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Recommended Podcast -- Hodinkee #16 with Michael Weisberg
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Best of Hodnkee Podcasts -- Big Ideas About Collecting
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