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Re: As Jeff left us his first thoughts on Oct. 24th

When I looked at Jeff's post, see below, and saw the photo and read his comments something told me is not right.

As I was told at a early age, don't believe everything what is written, in this case a photo, what you read or see, because anything can be put on a piece of paper. Nowadays also websites and its contents.

If you changed your mind or where outbid this weekend.
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Happy Auction Weekend

: I have been swamped with a new project, so not had much time to
: post or read for that matter on OTD.

: I do however want to take a quick moment and start a conversation
: about the upcoming Skipperera that is being offered by
: Christie's at the Geneva November 2018 auction.

: Many of you have read and also seen a photo of the watch on their
: website, and today, HODINKEE even posted a brief article about
: it as well. As many of you know, a Skipperera is one of those
: grail watches that I, and many others, have been wanting to add
: to their collection, but either the opportunity hasn't popped up
: or the price went for more than we were willing to pay at the
: time. So when I saw a Skipperera show up on the upcoming
: Christie's auction, I got very excited, as I'm sure many of you
: did as well.

: So of course, I asked to get a more detailed report as well as more
: photos of the watch, so I know exactly what I am dealing
: with......and this is where things went VERY south!!

: The photos and report I received didn't match the watch that was
: being shown on their website..... I got even more bothered by
: the fact that HODINKEE today wrote....."Be sure to watch
: what this piece realizes on Monday, as the stunning condition
: will surely make it a benchmark for all future
: sales."......which is not true, since the true condition
: does not match what Christie's is truly selling. I don't blame
: Isaac on his reporting, since he doesn't have the time to ask
: for every detailed report for each watch he writes about, but I
: do blame Christie's for not being forthcoming with what they are
: selling in actuality. If you look at the one photo they have
: posted and compare it to the photo they sent me, it looks like
: two different watches!!!

: Also, here is the "Condition Report" they have on the
: watch:

: "The movement is ticking at the time of cataloguing, the 30
: seconds counter is working. The watch has been professionally
: overhauled in the workshops of TAG Heuer in 2018, including full
: servicing of the movement, replacing of the register and
: chronograph hands and the crown. The dial was not touched during
: this intervention, it shows small scratches in places, a larger
: one above the T Swiss indication, the luminous material is
: original, discoloured and partially missing. Service central
: seconds hand. The case has been polished, with small surface
: scratches and dents in places. "

: Four things to think about:

: 1) ....replacing of the register and chronograph hands and the
: crown
: 2) ....dial was not touched during this intervention, it shows
: small scratches in places, a larger one above the T Swiss
: indication
: 3) ....Service central seconds hand
: 4) has been polished, with small surface scratches and
: dents in places

: The biggest thing that bothers me is the fact that the photo of the
: watch on the website shows an example that looks pristine and
: perfect, but in reality the dial and case is no way near the
: condition of what it looks like in person.

: On a brief side note, I can admit that Heuer's have seen a
: "correction" of sorts in the market, but what some
: might not realize is that the vintage watch world is going
: through a phase of sorts. Simply put, a larger price gap is
: forming, where we see higher quality pieces being sold/traded
: for strong money vs your average/below average conditioned
: pieces showing weaker results. And what makes it more
: challenging is that the higher quality pieces rarely popup for
: sale in the open market, instead they are being sold/traded
: behind closed doors within collectors at strong values that many
: are not aware of. Hence why it is very difficult to say what
: true value's are when you don't have all the facts necessary to
: make such judgment.

: So to go back to the Skipperera's conversation, I am not expecting
: strong results due to the fact that the condition is not there
: to justify a strong price. This is not to say that it won't sell
: for "crazy" money since a buyer didn't do their due
: diligence and chose to bid on the watch based on the one simple
: picture Christie's posted on their website. BUT if we do see a
: poor performance, we can now say that we know why! All this
: said, I am still going to bid on it, and hopefully be able to
: pick it up for a "steal", but not willing to pay a
: premium for this let's see what happens! LOL!

: And to help this discussion along, here are the comparison of the
: picture that was posted on the website vs the photo they sent me
: after requesting for you be the judge....



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