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NEW YEARS Resolutions and Best Wishes to Everyone

OK, Chuck:

I'll put it on my "list" for 2004 -- "edit Chuck's pieces comparing Valjoux and Lemania movements, and post to OnTheDash".

The list of New Years resolutions for 2004 now includes, in absolutely no rational order:

  • work on the Carrera Reference Table, to go back to 1963
  • add links / photos to all the Reference Tables
  • complete Jo Siffert page
  • add at least some minimal coverage of the TAG-Heuer Classics series
  • re-balance OnTheDash website to make chronograph content properly balanced with dashboard-mounted content
  • add FTP to Discussion Forum, so that readers can post their own photos and have their own albums
  • write an article for International Wristwatch, regarding advice for novice / beginning collectors
  • add Easy Riders to the chronograph section of OnTheDash, even though most folks hate them
  • add a section regarding "Fakes"
  • add a section covering the "Rich Man's Heuers" -- Turler, Abercrombie, Beyer, etc. -- and fill out the "Poor Man's section"
  • add "Classic Posts" section to the Discussion Forum
  • learn more HTML, including how to do tables, or at least learn to use Chuck's favorite HTML editor
  • add all the great chronograph photos that OnTheDash readers have sent (and that are now residing on my C drive, but have not yet made it to the OnTheDash server)
  • buy some neat chronos and sell some of the "extras"
  • make the final decision whether there should be an "e" in "Auto-Rallye" and whether there should be a "hyphen" in "Rally-Master", and vice versa
  • watch Le Mans again, carefully
  • get over my fear of databases, and even learn how to create them
  • get some sleep

Is there anything else our readers would like to add to this list? What are other folk's resolutions?

Best wishes to everyone for a great 2004!!



: A Challenge for You, Chuck (or a Fovor of
: You??) *LINK* ¿“Fovor”? If I wasn't
: feverish before, I think I'm convinced I am
: now! ;^)

: Is there any (easy) way that this could be
: edited a bit so that I could post as a
: "freestanding" piece on our
: Movements page (linked below).
: Certainly... What I would recommend is that
: you grab the source of my posting (in HTML)
: (I can mail it to you if you'd like), paste
: it into an HTML browser, and edit it as you
: see fit.

: Or maybe a freestanding page, that we could
: link from the Movements page?? Well, it
: occurs to me that we really should create a
: second forum, much akin to TimeZone's
: Classic's forum, where people can archive
: posts of enduring value to the OTD
: community. Fortunately we haven't needed
: to do this yet, because we have every post
: ever made on the forum and it's easily
: searchable. But I can think of a number of
: posts that are suitable for “OTD
: Classics”...

: It may not be a perfect fit, but we need some
: way to preserve and be able to easily
: reference this sort of incredible
: information. Actually, this isn't one of
: my better efforts on the relative merit's of
: various chronograph movements. I engaged in
: a rather lengthy dialog with with an
: opinionated French gentleman on the Vintage
: Omega mailing list last spring, that I can
: search for and post a cleaned up version of
: it for the edification and or entertainment
: of the peanut gallery here if you'd like. In
: it I go into my personal opinions as to the
: top 10 chronograph movments. Interestingly
: enough the French gentleman was an ardent
: Lemania/Omega fan, and I was much more
: open-minded when it came to other makes.

: Thoughts?? Easier approaches?? The steps
: necessary to get the post in a form that you
: can edit is fairly short and something I can
: go over with you on the phone. You have (an
: earlier version) of the program I'd use, and
: I don't think this particular post is
: complicated enough that you need anything
: more sophicated than you already have in
: your possession.

: Let's talk about it in the morning!

: Jeff And I will search for the posting I
: had made this spring about chronograph
: movements...

: -- Chuck


: Chuck Maddox


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: )



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