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Some Updates and Some Answers
In Response To: Bravo! ()


Thanks for the enthusiasm about the comparison tables.

In certain respects, I have been learning part of the story; posting what I think I have learned; then correcting some of the information the next day, as I have learned more. If you have a look at the Viceroys comparison Table, you will see some significant changes from the Table that I posted last night, the result of some e-mails and conversations during the day today.

Both of the chronographs shown in the photo (the 1163V and the 11630) were true "Viceroys", meaning that they were sold by Viceroy, as a promotion, for $88. The comparable Autavias were then selling in the $200 to $275 range, but the two Viceroys shown in the photo were the $88 guys.

In terms of which is better to wear, that is a matter of personal preference. Even though the main difference in the measurements is only 1.6mm in the height of the watch, the 1163V and the 11630 feel and look very different. The 11630 has a really solid look and feel -- it's taller, and sports the wider outer bezel and the black inner bezel (to give it an even more "macho" look). When you wear the 11630, you know that you are wearing a watch (or maybe a sewer cover). Wear the 11630 for a few days, and then switch to the 1163V, and the 1163V will feel small and sleek. That's both visual (thinner outer bezel and shiny inner bezel) and physical (lower profile case).

In terms of the relative values, the 1163Vs currently seem to be fetching higher prices than the 11630s. The two models are from about the same period (1972 through 1974), but perhaps the premium for the 1163 arises from the fact that it was the first of the Viceroys, with the 11630 being introduced a bit later. Interestingly, much of the confusion about "which Viceorys are which" may stem from the fact that the $88 Viceroy promotion was so successful that Heuer had to use two case suppliers during most of the time that the Viceroys were being made. So it is difficult to sort out which components (backs, bezels, crystals, etc.) really belong with which chronograph. Also, with the Viceroys priced at $88, folks buying them tended to actually wear them (and not put them in the vault), so the pristine ones may attract a considerable premium.

All this, my best guess at explaining some very strong prices for these Viceroys over the past few months.

Thanks again for your comments and your interest.



: Jeff and Bruce
: Sometimes when you ask a dumb question, you get
: a very smart answer. A very impressive piece
: of work, gentlemen.

: A follow up question on the Viceroy Autavias.
: You note that the original price of the
: later one was almost triple that of the
: early one. Why? And how long did this
: promotion go on?

: And is there a difference between these models
: that makes one or the other a) a better
: wearer's watch b) more valuable to
: collectors?

: Thanks again, although you should be warned, a
: response like this is only likely to prompt
: more stupid questions.
: Allen

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