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Distinguished Guests, but Where's Our Heuerboy??
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You know, Nic . . . I saw the caption "Distinguished Guests" and noted the London location, and assumed that you would be in the photo below, but I guess not.

Next time, for sure!!

And give me a little longer to unpack the rest of your posting . . . yes, something about "Trust" . . . and an auction house that says, "what the hell . . . it's only a little Heuer".



: So its pretty bad worldwide all-round well according to media and
: auction results.......well its not surprising....the media loves
: to inform us all of disaster, its a best seller ! we all know
: this so why?...unfortunately as soon as its gossip its talked
: about it can become real ? as it gets repeated and we believe
: the more we hear and fear it becomes fact....yes there is things
: to be fearful of and concerned about.....not much on instagram
: is escape the tabloid media and enter the media
: thats made up of what ? perfect pictures of perfect life ?
: perfect watches ? its creating a bigger divide of what to
: believe and uncertainty to have any trust in we
: have one of the biggest auction houses selling something thats
: perfect looking in a catalogue but you have to ask to see the
: real thing if your a potential buyer ??? what !!! greed and gain
: has now become ok ? so whether its a dating site or the next
: Picasso the only real certainty of what you are
: wanting/buying/investing in is in person and via your own
: eyes...we are not supposed to have to ask if the pictures are
: real ! help what do we do? were we not a community that
: wants trust ? did we not create and stand by it ? yes but now
: there is now talk to change opinions and trust in a bad
: detrimental way for fraudulent gain.....its created by lies and
: has now done its worse ! ......i wasn't invited to the recent
: vintage heuer meeting in London, although i have recently sold a
: watch to the Tag Heuer museum, so why is that? ok i feel upset,
: and of course i was probably just missed off the list or
: forgotten about....but it makes me start to ask why would this
: be ? have i not been part of the vintage heuer community for
: many years? have i helped the brand and research over time.
: ??....i start to assume i was not asked because of bad talk or
: some other worry that i might have a decremental effect on a
: person or watch or £value...TRUST..????? (this is fictitious
: btw).........however, it doesn't matter anymore, so no worry
: because no-one can trust anyone or anything !....ok ....without
: sounding too morbid we have a self responsibility to do our own
: research ....and now have to disregard all that was once deemed
: as trustworthy and safe. good luck out there, we're all doomed !
: lol

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Distinguished Guests, but Where's Our Heuerboy??
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