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Excellent Analysis, Abel!!

As always, Abel has provided an excellent assessment of what happened over the last few years and where the market is today. Thank you for this posting, Abel.

And if Abel Court say that the market is healthy, then I breathe easier believing that he is correct.

We saw crazy things starting in Spring 2016 (bizarre auction results) through Fall 2017 (Heuer Parade), and now we continue in the recovery phase . . . 16 months later.

And, yes, it's a good feeling to be able to buy some watches again, even if the market for selling is not there, at least not for me. I believe that the best of the vintage Heuers remain in "strong hands", and will not be dumped in the current market. It is the worst watches, in the hands of ignorant dealers and auction houses, that get dumped and make the market so ugly.


: Well Joshua,

: I think situation is pretty obvious, at least for me. Heuer values
: have taken a serious punch in general. 6 months before the
: Philiips Auction the market froze. Prices were are all times
: high...

: A lot of auction houses and dealers (big and small) jumped on the
: wagon...a lot of self proclaimed "experts" took the
: prices were rising and profits could be made without
: too much concern. Now, the real problem is knowledge. I have
: enough with my two hands (that's still 10 fingers) to count the
: people in this world who have "some" Heuer knowledge.
: 99% of dealers and auction houses have no decent experience
: concerning Heuer, no knowledge at all. So a lot of money
: focussed dealers got burned (burned seriously) along the way and
: either are still stuck with incorrect timepieces they bought at
: too high prices or they sold and took a big loss. Also auction
: houses and very well known dealers selling completely fake or
: incorrect "Heuer's" had not done any good to the
: brand.

: The "old" collectors and reliable dealers fuelled by
: passion for the brand always searching for good, honest and rare
: pieces...most of the collectors and dealers that stepped in last
: three years...they only did for one reason...and that was not
: passion. Not saying all...but most...and in essence there's even
: nothing wrong with that. But be well informed, take advise from
: people who know and get involved.

: The market is good now, getting healthy again day by day and there
: is room again to enjoy watches, buying is possible again for a
: lot of people...people who only were interested in some quick
: and easy money...they have almost all left the Heuer ship/train.
: It took some time but things are settling down and the
: passionate people are still there. We need to forget some values
: and prices realised for a while. Situation was not healthy and
: the ones who did not see that...were the "new"
: ones...the unknowledgeable dealers and auction houses...

: Passion first.

: Best,
: abel.

Current Position
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