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Jeff;we know 6"Worn by Steve"Monacos ,all PICS & FACTS&Story

Dear Jeff
...for your BLOG facts only wrote that we only know 4 “Worn by Steve” Monacos ….well …whats not quite right mate…..just to update you with my long years knowlegde / working on this special Monaco-theme , and to share the hole story with all Heuer Monaco and Steve McQueen - enthusiasts, here are my gathered information s about the 6 known and so named " Worn by Steve McQueen " -Heuer Monacos / ref 1133 B.

Pic from the TagHeuer Book cover “ Unforgettable Steve McQueen “

1. TagHeuer Museum / Switzerland , Monaco 1133 B ,
Serial No. 1xxxxx , verifided by Mrs Mathilde Tournois- documention mangerin/ TagHeuer Museum in 2008
ex. Property master Mr. Donald B. Nunley , sold in the early 2000 s ,
ex David de Vos ( I think so ) ,
now belongs to the TagHeuer Museum ,
comes with a Certificate / Letter from the ex property master Donald B.Nunly ( as can be seen in this picture of the watch in the TagHeuer Museums cabin as decoration behind the watch!!)

Jeff Steins comment on these “Property Master” watches;
“The property master from Le Mans has provided letters describing the roles of these two Monaco s, and I believe his version of the story. This is what property masters do — they keep track of the props — and track “which was which” during and after the filming.”

In my personal opinion this letter and its content doesn’t say anything about the watch and his use at the movie set “ Le Mans “ in summer 1970 ty and no correct details about its serial number , instead the person how wrote this “ certificate”, described wrongly the reference 1133 B as serial number in this letter!!??

My Pic from the TagHeuer Museum s Monaco , “2008 Collectors sumit “

2. THE 799.500 USD Watch , owner MR. X / ??? , Monaco 1133 B ,
Serial No. 159xxx , provided by a former owner
ex Property Master Donald B. Nunly sold about 2005,
ex David de Vos/ Usa ,
then owned by Mr.Lorenzo Metteucci / Italy ,
sold in spring 2012 ( I think so ) to Mr. Mike Eisenberg CA/USA.

auctioned July 31 , 2012 by LiveAuction s/ USA for 799.500,- USD !!

Comes also with a “notarized letter of authenticity” from the ex. property master of the movie set Le Mans , Mr Donald B.Nunly and was auctioned with a origl Heuer- manuel-warranty-booklet-page , noticed / Sold by: “ 24 h at the Le Mans 1970 “ , blanc / without filled out Reference and without serial number, too!!

I have never seen this Letter… either I know the content!

But here is the Auction-catalog description;
STEVE MCQUEEN HERO “MICHAEL DELANEY” HEUER MONACO WRISTWATCH SCREEN-WORN IN LE MANS - (Solar Productions/Cinema Center Films, 1971) A beautiful Heuer “Monaco” production 1133b (matt blue dial) now universally known as “The McQueen”. This is the actual wristwatch worn by Steve McQueen during Le Mans production and in related images. In 1970, Jack Heuer himself delivered a variety of his chronograph timepieces to Donald Nunley, prop master on the set of Le Mans in France. From this selection, Steve McQueen himself chose this specific watch to wear as his character “Michael Delaney” during production and in publicity photos. In an early example of product placement, this watch is visible on the arm of McQueen in countless photos and the ultimate film. In fact, his sleeve is often conspicuously pushed up to reveal the watch for the cameras. In 1969 Heuer released the first automatic chronograph and broke with tradition by creating a square waterproof case to house it. A buckled, black leather vented strap completes the handsome piece. Housed in a red, spring-hinged case sporting the Heuer logo and a checkered flag motif. The watch is seated in a red felt base. The watch is in Exceptional condition and comes with its original manual of operation containing a factory typed notation that the watch was sold to “24 h at Le Mans 1970”. An orange sticker on the back of the watch bears the reference number 1133b (the sticker is rubbed from wear, as McQueen wore the watch extensively in production) and a notarized letter of authenticity from Le Mans prop master Donald Nunley. In 2009 McQueen’s personal Rolex Submariner watch sold at auction for an astounding $234,000. A remarkable piece of racecar lore and movie history worn by Steve McQueen, the iconic star that embodied the thrill of the sport and glamour of Hollywood”

Well it sold for 650.000,- USD plus premium 149.500,- USD !! 799.500,- USD total.

David de Vos comment on his wife buying this watch; ” I cannot believe that a watch she bought 7 years ago for then a huge sum of $9200 just sold for that amount....
Oh well, it has never been about the money.. Cheers, D”

THE 799.500,-USD Monaco , pic from live auctioneers

Here is the link to this auction with further pics;

3. MR Y./ ??? , Monaco 1133 B ,
Serial No. ?????? , never seen .
ex. Michael Ledermann / CA -USA ,
a friend of Steve ,he visited Steve at the movie set in autum 1970 ty,
He sold steve a Porsche car and got this also this Monaco in this deal too / as present personally from Steve,
This is his story about this Monaco , he told me personally at the AUTO e MOTO D,POCA, a Car show in Padua/ Italy on October 25 ,2008 , where ClassicHeuer exhibited with a exclusive Stand; I saw the watch there and it was offered there to me by the seller too !
( but didn’t have 45000,- usd in cash in my pocket…just a joke…)… well anyway… it sold the next day to a privat -Italien –Steve McQueen- memorabilia- collector, a Guy from Milan for 45000 usd..!!
I was also offered by this seller the Heuer RallyeMaster timerset (could be the same timerset what is also in the auction, that didn’t sell at the Live-Auction for 40.000 USD !)

Sorry no picture of this watch available…

4. Sercan Gez / Switzerland, Monaco 1133 B ,
Serial No ??????, never seen.
Engraved case back with 2 different names,
Sold in the Antiquorum auction, NY , June 11, 2009 for 87.600,- USD
Jeff Steins comment on this watch;
“Summary. The story told in the auction catalog — copied below, at the very bottom of this posting — boils down to a fairly simple story: McQueen wore only one Monaco during his work on Le Mans, and this is the one. After the filming of Le Mans, when he returned to Los Angeles, Steve McQueen gave the watch to his business consultant, Bill Maher, as a gift.
On June 11, 2009, this Heuer Monaco was sold for $87,600 (including the buyer’s premium; $73,000 without premium).
What I Believe. I believe that Steve McQueen gave this watch to Bill Maher, as a gift. As such, it gets high marks for reliable Steve McQueen provenance.
What I Don’t Believe. I don’t believe the suggestion that Steve McQueen wore only one Monaco during the filming of Le Mans, and that this is the one. This would run entirely contra to the story told by the property master (and greatly diminish the provenance of Samples 1 and 2, in the list above) and also contra to the way that props ordinarily work in the movie business. I also doubt that McQueen walked into Maher’s office and on an impromptu basis, and handed him this Monaco. We have never ever seen any photo of McQueen wearing a Monaco, other than at Le Mans. So I just don’t believe that McQueen was wearing this watch as his “daily wearer” when he returned to Los Angeles, after the filming.
What I’m Unsure Of. Yes, I believe that Steve McQueen once owned this watch and gave it to Bill Maher, but I don’t know how we can connect the watch to the action at Le Mans. Did Steve wear this Monaco during the filming or did he simply ask the property master for a Monaco at some point, to have as a spare or for his personal collection? Maybe Steve wore it a lot and maybe he didn’t. Accordingly, I give this watch all the points for having a McQueen connection, but I don’t know how we tie it to the filming of Le Mans.
The Watch Itself. Putting aside issues of history and provenance, this is a decent looking Monaco, but nothing exceptional. We see ordinary wear on the case, with a couple of medium-sized dents.“

Pic from my auction caltog cover

5.Jasper Bitter / Germany, Monaco 1133 B ,
Serial No. 1603XX , seen and verifided by Jasper Bitter in 2009
Owner Jasper Bitter – Privat collection
Comes with a sellers ; affirmation in lieu of oath
Approved; with a Documentation trought Helmut Kelleners wifes personally Foto album with about 15 fotos taken from her at the movie set “Le Mans” in 1970 ty.
Approved; with a official Solar productions –movie shot – Europe poster, Steve McQueen waering this watch.
Speciality / unusual mounted /at the movie set “Le Mans” with steel brachelet ,
Sold in july 2009 from porsche 917 race driver Helmut Kelleners to me,
Helmut Kelleners was contracted by solar productions for 3 months at the movie set “ Le Mans” in summer/autum 1970 ty , he stayed with his son Ralf Kelleners and his wife in a Chateaux near Le Mans , wear they lived together with other race drivers too.
This Monaco was given from Steve personally as a gift, at the end of the movies-shots, to his
german friend and his STUNT-Race-Driver Helmut Kelleners ( drove a Gesipa team Porsche 917 in 1970 , his car was sprayed into gulf colors at the movie set and numbered No 20 only for the movie !, so that’s why only he had to drive this car for steve, as steve was forbidden by solar productions, because of insurance reasons, to drive the race cars himself!)
You can also see in the credits at the end of the movie Le Mans that Helmut Kellener s Name is written alone & specially and outstanding and he is one of only race drivers named there too !

Years later i even found the official Solar Production Movie-shot-picture with
Steve infront of the Porsche 917 No.20 and wearing this watch with the rare
metal-brachelet on it too ( behind you can see Helmut Kelleners ,just setting up/ getting prepered for a stunt-or race drive....).
Helmut Kelleners told me that he also saw “Steve McQueen took the first choice pick on those watches in the box that Gerd-Rüdiger Lang personally handed over at the begin of the movie- shoting to the property master Donald B.Nunly!!! , it wasn,t Jack Heuer who gave these watches to Mr Nunly! Jack Heuer was never at the Movie set !! see also my OTD message from april 18 , 2004 as I intervied personally Mr Gert-Rüdiger Lang about this story,

Jasper Bitter picture of the- hand over- of this “Worn by Steve “ Heuer Monaco at Helmut Kelleners privat house in July 2009

The official Solar productions –movie shot – Europe poster, Steve waering this watch

Close up , Steve s wrist

Please notice my OTD message in 2009, heres the link…..;md=read;id=31106

The Monaco Story , message OTD in april 2004 by Jasper Bitter , heres the link;;md=read;id=4361

6. MR. Z / USA , Monaco 1133 B,
Serial No. 1603XX ,seen and verifided by Jasper Bitter at the Goodwood revival in sept. 2011
Ex Owner Mr. Bevan Weston, Derek Bells race-car –mechaniker , also to see in the movie !!
Approved; with a Documentation trought Mr Bevan Weston personally Foto album with about 20 fotos taken from her at the movie set “Le Mans” in 1970 ty.
Bought in the Film-set prop-sale at the end of the movie shots in 1970 ty by ex. derek bell-mechaniker , who was also contracted by solar productions at the movie set;
Mr.Bevan Weston.
Sold from him in end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 to a privat collector in the USA for 75.000,- USD .

My pic , meeting with Bevan at the Classicheuer stand on the Goodwood Revival, september 2011

Are there more to come…….??

Any comments are welcome…does anybody have more or further information…so please post these…It would be interesting to know the other serial numbers… to see if they match
in a line or period of the 1970 ty Monacos !!!????

Enjoy & Thanks & best regards


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